Sunday, September 30, 2012

Discord Flash puppet open source

This does not exactly belong to the CoTN project, but it has to do with "Heaven's Light" Which is Spiritto's animation. In order to design young Discord, she needed an adult puppet to reference on first. The puppet is an Open source resource now, so you can DOWNLOAD it here

This means that slowly but steadily both projects keep advancing.
Our dear Flash fellow,  :iconmabon-tail:,
 Has been so kind to provide us with CS4, CS3 and Flash 8 version that you can all now download from the following links.

CS3 Version

CS4 Version

Flash 8 Version

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Come Little Children, Spanish

I have seen many translations of the main song to Spanish on Youtube. 

I have made plans with a Spanish voice actress to dub the song to Spanish when the video will be out. But before that, I needed to make translation of the song, which wasn't easy to do. 

It is not exactly like the original one (adaptation is required for rhyme, metric and theme) But I guess this can be considered the official "Children of the Night" Spanish version. 

I took the translation base from the European Spanish version of "Come Little Children" with some slights modifications and completing the gaps.

Vamos pequeños
Que yo os llevaré
Niños venid a mi lado.

Venid conmigo
Y descubrireis
Un nuevo mundo encantado.

Brilla la luna
Que os ha de guiar
lejos de penas y llantos.

No lloreis niños
Y venid a mi
Yo os calmaré, con mi canto

Rápido niños,
nos vamos de aquí.
Nunca sabrán que ha pasado

Vuestra es la noche
de un reino feliz.
Mi sueño se ha realizado.

Vamos pequeños,
que yo os llevaré
Niños venid a mi lado

Venid conmigo
y descubrireis
Un nuevo mundo encantado

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Children of the Night - Preview

Hi all!  Lion Here!

    With all of what is going on, we decided (Spirit and I) To offer all you patient fans something to sink your teeth into.  A little preview of what's to come when we finally get it all done.

Let us know what you think! :D


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Greetings everypony, Lion here with an annoucement.

Some of you might remember that I mentionned a slowdown in the production of CotN.  I can now say why:

My talents as an animator have been drafted for the animated parts of the Bronycon Documentary by Michael Brockhoff and Lauren Faust with Tara Strong and John DeLancie.

While I am superduper excited at the opportunity to work with all those great names, it also means that instead of a slowdown, Children of the Night will have to be put on hiatus for a few weeks while I give the Bronies and Pegasisters around the world the best work I can possibly give.

Hopefully you understand that it is a great opportunity for me both as a Brony and an animator.  I cannot share what I am doing on the documentary however... but from what's been done so far and with the reaction to the work that's been done, everyone's really happy with it!

Thank you all, and trust me when I say: Children of the night will be completed!  Just a bit later than we thought ^^;

I'll try and keep the blog alive with some info left and right that we have not talked about yet but it will be a difficult task.

Thanks again for your incredible patience with us.. it shall be rewarded, I promise.