Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet Gari at Bronycon!

Hello there everypony!

If you are in Bronycon or heading towards it right now, you can visit booth 300 and meet Gari.

Do you remember the mare in the intro of our video?  Well, She is a dear friend of ours that has been  in the art freelance bussiness  for years. Most of the desings that you will find on Bronycon 2013 are her craft.

Trish Forstner everypony!

So,  come by and say hello to her from our part!  Oh! and one more thing, she knows the whole story of Children of the Night, .. so bring her a cookie (she loooves-loves-loves cookies), and she may lit the candle and tell you a tale.

PS:  To avoid miss understandings, please note that she is the owner and designer of Gari and Fly-by-Night, characters from CoTn, NOT the voice of Gari. That would be Sarah Williams. 


  1. IT WAS SO AWESOME TO MEET EVERYONE! So many people came by to say HI and to ask me about Children of the Night! <3 Thank you for sending the Cutie Art Crusaders over to give me cookies and say HI! *HUGS* you guys are awesome!

    This whole thing has been amazing! I felt like a rockstar this whole weekend!

    1. I am so happy that you had so much fun! I didn´t expected the guys to bring you cookies. I will want to know all about it this evening. ;)

  2. GARI! You've drawn her pony before havent you?! Shes on your devart!